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Your computers are obviously important to the life of your business or you would not be on this web site. This is why Milwaukee Techs LLC provides break-fix services. Whether the situation is that your computer will not power on Monday morning or if your wireless router stops working, we can fix it. We understand if you cannot use your computer, it seriously inhibits your ability to work and keep your company productive.

Many business computers come with warranties from the manufacturer. Often times, these warranties cover next business day (NBD) onsite services from a local technician. If hardware is at fault, Milwaukee Techs LLC is able to coordinate with the hardware manufacturer as well as the service technician to bring your computer back to life as soon as possible if you would not have to deal with another layer of technical support people.

In cases where a computer does not have a warranty or the existing warranty is expired, we are able to use high quality components to fix your machine. Since we do keep many common items in stock, there is no five day delay in waiting for critical parts. In most cases, you will also not pay the price that a big-box computer store will charge for the exact same computer component.

In most cases, Milwaukee Techs LLC is able to provide service, often within hours for mission-critical systems that need fixing. We would also be able to work together to schedule a call-out for a system that needs to be fixed, but not in the next five minutes. Bulk hour agreements are also available on a monthly or quarterly basis which typically involve some type of hourly discount.
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