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Network security is essentially information security. This means keeping your company's information safe from those who would do wrong with your information and who would have no problems taking your business down for hours, days, or weeks. There are specifics that can be done to lock your business' network from outside intruders as well as a few physical security measures that can be put in place to secure the building. However, without an overarching plan that encompasses all three components of information security, your business may as well give up to the data thieves.

Follow the next three sections to find more about the major components of a company-wide security plan...

People are essential to your business. Without devoted employees, the business will flounder. The same concept applies to information security regarding employees. When properly trained as part of the overarching security plan, they can make the security plan successful. Since they are who will execute the processes as well as work on the technology, they are obviously essential.

Processes may seem unnecessary at times but having a standard and a process in plan for your business will not only save headaches but it may also time and money. As is the same for people, the information security policies will be effective in safeguarding information as long as they are implemented according to the overarching plan. Specific processes for information security may include company standards on accounts, remote access, or emergency response.

Technology can be expensive, but that does not mean it is protecting your information. A high end Cisco firewall will cost thousands of dollars, but until people give the firewall intelligence and processes guide the policies that are setup on it, the firewall is not protecting your network at all. Technology can also be cost-effective depending on the implementation and the end goal. As with the other two components of a complete security plan, technology must be simply part of the solution and not the entire solution, as shown by the example above.

In addition to the business need to have your network and information secure, the government also wants your information secured. Your business may be legally accountable if information is stolen from the company. Examples of regulation that protect consumers information would be the Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), the European Data Protection Directive, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and the Sarbanes-Oakley Act. The Federal Trade Commission has information on their web site all about steps to safe guard your data and essentially, your company's well being. Click the banner below to be taken to the FTC site. While there, be sure to click the link on the left menu called 'Read the Guide'.

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