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A good slogan to describe preventative maintenance on your network would be "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Just like your car, your computers and the network need maintenance to keep them running optimally. This can easily be compared to an antifreeze leak on your car. If left unfixed, the antifreeze will eventually run empty and then your car engine may overheat. If a computer cpu fan ceases to work, your cpu will eventually die and will possibly take the motherboard with it. One will typically not know that their cpu fan has stopped working unless they are looking for issues. This is exactly what preventative maintenance aims to do - find future issues and fix them now or pay more in money and down time later.

Computer hardware is not the only aspect on a computer that can wear out in can appear to wear down as time progresses. The code that the software is comprised of does not change, but rather computer performance can affect the speed at which the software runs does. How can one keep their computer running optimally? There are several tasks which can include improving disk speed, taking out the software "trash", keeping software up to date, as well as periodical hardware upgrades to extend the life of the computer. When spread over a network of 5 - 50 computers, a company that does not have an in-house IT staff would utilize much valuable time completing the tasks on all of the computers.

Network preventative maintenance could include ensuring that the network is safe from the newest cyber threats such as viruses, hackers, and worms. Keeping firewalls and servers running optimally and up to date is critical to the operation of the network and essentially the business. If your server which houses all of the company data goes down as it was not patched against the Conflicker Worm, your business would cease to function at that moment.

Remember, every minute that your company is not making money, your company is losing money.
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