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Milwaukee Techs LLC Services - System Recycling
When you get a new computer, what do you do with your old machine? If you have no use for the machine, why not let someone who needs a computer to find a job, research for school or look for a car so they can make it to work, have your old machine? Why not let a starting nonprofit who needs computers for various tasks to help others have your old computer?

Milwaukee Techs LLC is able to take your old computer, delete all of your data, and setup a working computer for someone in need of a computer. This is at no cost to the computer user getting rid of their computer or the nonprofit or recipient of the computer. Since placing a computer in the trash can be hazardous because of the chemicals used in building the computer, or in some cases, illegal, let Milwaukee Techs LLC give your computer a new home.

If you are a nonprofit looking for donated machines setup and ready for your office, contact us through either one of the methods listed on the contact page or listed on the right side of this page.

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Milwaukee Techs, LLC
830 N 109th St., Suite 25
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
P: 414.745.0538

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Milwaukee Techs LLC - Contact Info

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